Timber Frame Homes

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image1Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame homes and buildings are constructed using solid timber to create the home’s structure. Unlike log homes that use horizontal stacked timber, Timber Frame homes use timber for posts, beams and rafters. True Timber Framing uses mortise and tenon connections, secured with oak pegs. A similar type of construction is Post & Beam, which uses steel plates and bolts to make connections. Oak, Douglas Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine are our most commonly used species, with White Pine, Cedar and others available.


Our Homes

Timber Frame homes work perfectly with today’s desire for Open Floor Plans and Vaulted ceilings. Most of our homes are “Hybrid Timber Frames,” meaning that timbers are used in the more public areas of the home, but not everywhere. The Timber Frame enclosure system of Structural Insulated Panels create a super energy efficient envelope around the carefully crafted framework of the Timber Frame. Eaglecrest Homes’ carpenters can often assemble a Timber Frame in a matter of a few days.

Eaglecrest Homes crafts legacy Timber Frame homes from the Michigan/Indiana border to the Mackinaw Bridge, and west of US 127. Many of our homes are built on lake shores, acreages, and suburban lots.

We offer clients services ranging from delivery of the Timber Frame “package” with technical assistance – to “shell-in” – to complete start-to-finish (turn key).

Construction Expertise

Eaglecrest Homes partner Tom Waterloo built his first Timber Frame home in 1999. Since then he has been involved in the construction of more than 45 timber structures.

Construction Process

The process of building a Timber Frame home is similar in many ways to conventional construction. Two key differences are lead time and construction time. Lead time can be longer, in as much as timbers need to be ordered, milled and joinery added. Unlike “stick” construction, you can’t call a lumber company and have material delivered the next day. However, because the Timbers are pre-cut at the manufacturing plant, and shipped to the site ready to install, the on-site labor and installation time is cut.